The Legacy of Dr. Tommy Oliver

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Tommy Oliver Sr.

Tommy Olivier is the world's greatest Power Ranger that there is, was and ever will be. Through out his career as a Ranger, he has shown true leadership, courage, discipline, honer, heart, selflessness and so much more. Below are lists of his entire arsenal per Ranger Form. 

MMPR Green RangerEdit

Power Morpher

Dragon Power Coin


Dragon Shield

Dragon Dagger

Blade Blaster

Wrist worn communicator

Sword of Darkness

MMPR White RangerEdit

Power Morpher

Tiger Power Coin


Saba Sword

Wrist worn communicator

Falcon Ninja Power Coin

Ninja Ranger Mode

White Falconzord

White Shogonzord

Metallic Armor 

White Shark Cycle

Red Zeo RangerEdit


Zeo Crystal

Zeo Laser

Red Zeo 5 Power Sword

Red Phoenix Zeozord

Red Battle Zeozord

Red Super Zeozord

Wrist worn communicator

Red Zeo Cycle

1st Red Turbo RangerEdit

Turbo Morpher

Turbo Key

Red Turbo Lightning Sword

Red Turbo Runner

Red Lightning Turbozord

Wrist worn communicator

Dino Thunder Black RangerEdit

Brocio Morpher

Black Dino Gem

Brocio Key


Brocio Staff

Thundermax Saber

Fossil Finder

Black Repter Rider

Dino ATV

Super Dino Mode

Wrist worn communicator

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Tommy was two 6th Rangers, two core Red Rangers and one core Black Ranger.
    • He is also known as the first Green and White Ranger (his two 6th Ranger forms).
  • He is the first Ranger to be inducted into the Power Rangers Hall of Fame.

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