The Power Rangers Hall of Shame is based on The Power Rangers Hall of Fame, except it's less of an honor and more of a dishonor. Below are all of the inductees in this shameful hall. 

Cole: Red Wild Force RangerEdit

Cole is the leader and Red Ranger of Power Rangers Wild Force, but he is also the worst Red Ranger overall. His actor Ric Media Jr wasn't that good of an actor at the time, but he did get a lot better before Power Rangers Samurai and Super Samurai. Then came that horrible incident back on January 31st 2015, but that's not why his character Cole is the first in here, it's due to his performance on Wild Force back in 2002 . 


The main villain of Power Rangers Ninja Storm, the twin brother of their sensei and the uncle of their sixth Ranger. A bit of an incompetent goofball, he tried his very best to be a top notch villain, but we just couldn't get over his weard planning skills and personality; not to mention that he is the reason why his nieces Marah and Kapri were apart of the show.

Sam: SPD OmegaEdit

Sam is the sixth Ranger of Power Rangers SPD, but he wasn't very well liked by the fans. Trapped in the form of a ball of light except in his Ranger form, the performance of his suit actor wasn't that good and was barely even apart of the show after he joined the B-Squad SPD Rangers. He would have been a much better character if his human form was not reduced to a tiny ball of light and his voice actor wasn't soon unbelievably bad, but all well. 

Dex:Operation Overdrive BlueEdit

He has to be the goofiest Power Ranger of ever, I couldn't tell most of the time if he was either an airhead or a pothead. All this former stunt dubble turned Ranger talks about is movies and how mush he wants to be the main character in one or more films. There's always at least one Power Ranger who is the the slowest of the team, but no Power Ranger has ever been this stupid and annoyed the other Rangers as much as him. 

Gem: RPM Gold and Gemma: RPM SilverEdit

The twin brother and sister duo of sixth Rangers were the first in the history of Power Rangers, but because of how childish and hyperactive as they were, that will probably never happen again. It's like trying to explain how the world and everything else is suppose to work to two six year olds on a sugar rush, and nobody wants to deal with something like that. 

All of Power Rangers Samurai and Super SamuraiEdit

The scripts for each episode was a translated, paste and copy version of this season's Japanese counterpart Samurai Sentai Shinkenger, they were the first installment of The Saban Brands Era to take the old 1990s cheese and become the next Mighty Morphin, and what was really confusing was that they were an international team of Rangers descended from Japanese Samurai living on an island that is not Japan but has waaaay too many connections and relations to Japan. Clash of the Red Rangers was more of a one hour long or two part episode that everyone screwed up on than a soo called movie, Octoroo is still alive but is apparently gone for good and and the zord exclusive modes were just a big waist of money. Splitting every sentai into two 20-22 episode long season's with extremely boring Halloween and Christmas specials and soo mush more We hate about these two seasons. 

All of Power Rangers Megaforce and Super MegaforceEdit

The first season was rushed, the entire 2nd half of Megaforce was just pathetic, the pirate theme of Super Megaforce was never explained, no explanation for the six New Legendary Modes, using New and Legendary in the same sentence, Troy's actor should just go back to modeling and stay there,the soo called Legendary Battle was a huge disappointment, not all of the Legendary Ranger Modes were used, too many plotholes and bad edits, Prince Vakar was a total whinny little wuss, Gosei was an incompetent none explaining moron, Tensou is a ripoff of Disney's Wall-E and soo many more reasons why Power Rangers Super Megaforce sucks. 


He was created by Wrench as a friend for Sledge's wife to be Poisandra, he was more annoying and useless than anything. Even so, Poisandra just loves her friend and would never give him up for anything in the galaxy. 

All of Power Rangers Ninja Steel and Super Ninja SteelEdit

Brody was an abrasive moron, the comedy is too kindergartenish and Victor and Monty are too annoying and obnoxious for Power Rangers. If Saban and Nickelodeon's stupidity doesn't kill the series and franchise, Victor and Monty definitely will, unfortunately.


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