Blitz Rangers

The Blitz Rangers are a team of Power Rangers based on the Mystic Force Rangers and are the fourth New Power Set unlocked by the Megaforce Rangers. Each one possesses the spirit of a mythical animal such as a Dragon, Pegasus, Mermaid, Griffin and Phoenix which in turn take on the form(s) of their own individual Zords called The Blitzkriegzords, which all five combine to form the Blitz Megazord. 

Power WeaponsEdit

The Blitz Rangers Blitz Blasters

Red Ranger with Red Blitz Blaster

Black Blitz Blaster

Black Blitz Ranger with Black Blitz Blaster


Blue Blitz Ranger with Blue Blitz Blaster


White Blitz Ramger with White Blitz Blaster


Pink Blitz Ranger with Pink Blitz Blaster

Blitz Canon

Blitz Rangers with Blitz Cannon

Side ArmsEdit

Swords and Pistols

Swords and Pistols

The Blitz Sabers and Blitz Lasers are the main weapons of the Blitz Rangers, each set for each Ranger can combine to form one of five Super Blitz Lasers and fire an energy blast far more powerful than in their normal form(s). 


Blitz Vehicles

Blitz Cycles, Blitz Runner and Blitz Skis

Each Blitz Ranger has his and her own Blitz Cycle and Blitz Ski, but must all share the Blitz Runner, which is a Jeep with its own lasers, missiles and hover flight mode.

Blitz MorpherEdit


Blitz Morpher

The Blitz Morpher is the wrist worn device that all five of the Blitz Rangers use in order to Morph into their Ranger Forms; the morphing code is Ranger Blitz.


Blitz Megazord

  • Red Dragon
  • Blue Pegasus
  • White Mermaid
  • Black Griffin
  • Pink Phoenix

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Their Zords and Megazord are all American exclusive.
  • Just like Dino Charge, Power Rangers Blitz doesn't have a Yellow Ranger.
  • Just like for The Squadron Rangers and Megaforce, the Red and Pink Rangers have a theme and Zord based on a Dragon and Phoenix.
  • The White Blitz Ranger is the 2nd Power Ranger with a mermaid theme and Zord after the Blue Mystic Force Ranger.
  • The Black and Blue Blitz Rangers are the 2nd Power Rangers to have a Griffin and Pegasus Zord since the Blue and Yellow Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.
  • They are known in Japan as the Blitzkrieg Squadron Changeman.

The StoryEdit

When an evil alien armada invades Earth, the U.S.Military is sent to stop them, unfortunately all but five of the soldiers are destroyed before the remaining five are rescued by a peaceful alien named Zip and given the power to fight this new alien armada on equal terms. As the Power Rangers Blitz, they have more responsibilities then ever before, and that's just the way they want it. 


  • General Marcus Winslow: The Rangers mentor.
  • LT. Amanda Lee: Weapons expert and the Rangers sensei. 
  • Zip: An humanoid alien whose planet was destroyed by the new alien armada nearly a year ago. 
  • Dipper: Zip's android and best friend.
  • Kathy Smithfield: A cadet and the Red Rangers girlfriend.


The Chaotus Armada

  • Emperor Crossack: The evil boss.
  • Jadara: The first Lutinent.
  • Rotar: 2nd Lutinent
  • Creepies : minions

​ The Chaos Star: Their Ship

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