Power rangers live ninja storm by derpmp6-d7k0exs

Saban's Power Rangers Ninja SuperStorm

The StoryEdit


The RangersEdit

  • Shane: Ninja Storm/Ninja SuperStorm Red Ranger
  • Tori: Ninja Storm/Ninja SuperStorm Blue
  • Dustin: Ninja Storm/Ninja SuperStorm Yellow
  • Hunter: Ninja Storm Crimson/Ninja SuperStorm Black
  • Blake: Ninja Storm Navy/Ninja SuperStorm Green
  • Cam Ninja Storm (Green) Samurai Ranger

Super NinjazordsEdit

  • SuperStorm Ultrazord
    • Super Thunderstorm Megazord
      • SuperStorm Megazord
        • Red Hawk Super Ninjazord
        • Blue Dolphin Super Ninjazord
        • Yellow Lion Super Ninjazord
      • Super Thunder Megazord
        • Black Bull Super Thunderzord
        • Green Rhino Super Thunderzord
      • Mammoth Carrier Zord

Other FormationsEdit

Super Lightning Megazord

  • SuperStorm Megazord

Super Ninja WeaponsEdit


Super Ninja MorphersEdit

  • Super Wind Ranger Morphers
    • Red, Blue and Yellow
  • Super Thunder Ranger Morphers
    • Black and (Super) Green
  • Tsunami Morpher Super Mode
    • (Green) Samurai Ranger Super Mode

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • The Super Modes of the main five Rangers are from Super Beast Squadron Liveman, including the weapons, Super Morphers and vehicles.
  • The SuperStorm Ultrazord and Super Lightning Megazord are both exclusive to Ninja SuperStorm.
  • Shane can morph into Battlizer Mode while in both Basic and Super Mode.

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