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Saban (center), Disney (left) and Redstone (right).

The Powers That Be are a trio of cosmic entities who are the living embodiment of The Universal Morphing Grid as well as Light, Twilight and Darkness. Each one is the protector of one of three Rangerverses known as The Zordon/Post Zordon Era, The Disney Era and the Saban Brands Era. 

Haim SabanEdit


Haim Saban: The Entity of Light

Haim Saban is the original Cosmic Entity and The Entity of Light, as well as the protector and guardian of The Zordon Era/Post Zordon Era Universe, which is the home of the first nine teams of Power Rangers. According to rumer, he is not only the light elemental guardian, but also the father of Zordon of Eltar.

Walt DisneyEdit

Hooded jedi

Walt Disney: Twilight Elemental

Walter Walt Disney is the 2nd Elemental Guardian and the protector of The Disney Era of Power Rangers, the home reality of the Power Ranger team's from Wild Force to RPM. Being the living embodiment of the balance between light and darkness, he is one of the very few Twilight elementals in existence, but he has no relation to the other two guardians.

Sumner RedstoneEdit

Cloaked man

Fear the power of darkness.

Sumner Redstone is the 3rd and final guardian as well as the living embodiment of darkness and the protector of The Saban Brands Era. He is the one responsible for the Samurai and Megaforce Rangers being soo terrible and hated by soo many people, and named this dimension after his fellow guardian Saban out of spite. Rumer has it that he is the biological father of Lord Zedd; besides that, he desperately desires to start a real Mega War between all three universes, forcing the Power Rangers from each one to fight one another where the winning reality will be the only one of these three dimensions left alive, Rangers and all.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • They are all based on the actual Haim Saban, Walt Disney and Sumner Redstone. 
  • Redstone represents evil and darkness due to he and his company Viacom plus Nickelodeon have nearly destroyed the Power Rangers franchise. 
  • Saban represents The Light of Goodness because his best work were the original nine seasons of Power Rangers. 
  • Disney represents the twilight because they've done some great, bad, great, controversial and so and so things. 
  • Just like the actual people they're all based upon, all three members of The Powers That Be are each one of a kind.


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