Super Ranger

The Super Ranger is a mysterious extra member of Power Rangers Safari (or Ninja Supersteel) and the owner of the five Auxiliary Safarizords. Because of his name and having all the power's of a Kryptoneon, his is considered the Superman of Power Rangers (& Super Sentai). 



Super Baton

Super Morpher

Super Morpher

His main weapon is the Super Baton, a small staff that is powerful enough to break through titanium like an ax to wood. His morpher is called The Super Morpher, which is the same kind of morpher as the Orange Ranger, with the same morph code and all. 


Super Ranger's Safarizords!
The Super Ranger is the 2nd person after the Red Safari Ranger to command and pilot the Red Gorilla Safarizord, which forms the torso of The Safari Zone Megazord.
Gorilla Zord

Red Gorilla Safarizord


Cube Mode

Zebra Zord

White Zebra Safarizord

Cube Mode

Cube Mode

Blaster Mode

Blaster Mode

Platypus Zord

Blue Platypus Safarizord


Cube Mode


Green Owl Safarizord


Boomerang Mode


Cube Mode

The Super Megazord is the combined form of the Gorilla Zord, Zebra Zord, Platypus Zord and the Yellow Ranger's Lion Zord.
Super Megazord

Super Megazord

Leopard Zord

Yellow Leopard Safarizord


Cube Mode

Ax Mode

Ax Mode


Not much is known about the Super Ranger other than he's a he, but what is for certain is that his unnamed planet was destroyed when it's red sun ramed into it, causing it to explode; and yes, it does sound like Krypton. Besides that, he also seems to have a weakness to magic (we're also guessing Kryptonite to). 

Relationship With the Safari RangersEdit

  • He has a friendly rivalry with the Triad Ranger.
  • The White Safari Ranger has a crush on him.
  • He is good friends with the Red Ranger.
  • His favorite Earth animal is an elephant and his favorite color is green, also making him good friends with the Green Safari Ranger.
  • He act's as a big brother to the Blue Safari Ranger.
  • He doesn't like the Orange Safari Ranger that much, mostly because he keeps getting in the way of Super Ranger's heroics when he is trying to find out who the Super Ranger is. However, they eventually put their differences aside when the other Rangers get captured and were able to successfully rescue them all and destroy the monster of the day.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • In Japan, he is known as Big One from the 2nd original Super Sentai series J.A.K.Q. and the original White Ranger in Sentai history.
  • The rainbow patterns on his Ranger Form represent him having the combined power's of the main five Safari Rangers; just like the original Green Ranger of The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.
  • Though he was added during the beginning of the 2nd half of Power Rangers Super Safari and stared in the remaining/final 10 episodes of the series, his Super Sentai counterpart Big One never did.
  • Saban actually had Big One's Suit remade for American television, removing the #1 on his helmet and had the letter B belt buckle with the white belt replaced with a basic yellow belt and buckle.
  • Though Super Ranger appears to be a White Ranger, he apparently represents no one color, but all of the main five Safari Ranger colours; just like how the Safari Triad Ranger represents the colors of Black, Gold and Silver.
  • He is seen only once in human form while in front of the other Safari Rangers but only during the final episode of the series, and revealing that his name is Kel (a reference to Kel EL: Superman X of the 41st Century).

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