The Ultimate Team

From left to right: Ninja Steel Gold, Super Megaforce Silver, Samurai Gold, RPM Gold, Operation Overdrive Mercury, SPD Omega, Ninja Storm Green Samurai, Time Force Quantum, In Space Silver, Mighty Morphin White, Mighty Morphin Green, Zeo Gold, Lightspeed Rescue Titanium, Wild Force Lunar Wolf, Dino Thunder White, Mystic Force Solaris Knight, RPM Silver, Megaforce Robo Knight and Dino Charge Gold.

For the 25th Anniversary of Power Rangers, nineteen of the 6th Rangers join forces against the returning Lord Zedd, Queen Bansheera, Gluto, Lothor, Zeltrax, Emperor Grumm, Meratrix, Professor Cog, Octoroo, Vrak and Vekar. 

The Sixth RangersEdit

Mighty Morphin Green: Tommy Oliver Sr.

Mighty Morphin White: Tom Oliver Jr.

Zeo Gold: Prince Trey of Triforia

In Space Silver: Zane

Lightspeed Rescue Titanium: Ryan Mitchell

Time Force Quantum: Eric Myers

Wild Force Lunar Wolf: Meric

Ninja Storm Green Samurai: Cam Watanabi

Dino Thunder White: Trent Mercer

SPD Omega: Sam

Mystic Force Solaris Knight: Daggeron

Operation Overdrive Mercury: Tyzon

RPM Gold Gem

RPM Silver: Gemma

Samurai Gold: Antonio Garcia

Megaforce Robo Knight

Super Megaforce Silver: Orion

Dino Charge Gold: Sir Ivan of Zandar

Ninja Steel: Adam Park


Lost Galaxy Magna Defender: Mike Colbert

Zords and MegazordsEdit

Mighty Morphin Dragonzord

Mighty Morphin Tigerzord

Zeo Warrior Wheel

In Space Mega Winger

Lost Galaxy Defender Torozord

Lightspeed Rescue Max Solarzord

Time Force Q-Rex Megazord

Wild Force Predazord

Ninja Storm Samurai Star Megazord

Dino Thunder Dino Stegazord

SPD Omega Max Megazord

Mystic Force SolarStreak Megazord

Operation Overdrive Flashpoint Megazord

RPM Mach Megazord

Samurai and Super Samurai Claw Battlezord

Megaforce Gosei Grand Megazord

Super Megaforce Q-Rex Megazord

Dino Charge and Dino Supercharge Terra Charge Megazord

Ninja Steel and Ninja SuperSteel Sheriff Steel Megazord

Other MegazordEdit

Super Samurai Lightzord

The StoryEdit


Orion states that this team is comprised of all the 6th Rangers, which is debatable, seeing as Ninjor and The Phantom Ranger are possible 6th Rangers.

When the other Rangers ask Orion why his Ranger Form is pirate themed, he (and Gosei over Orion's communicator/Morpher) tells them that they have no idea what they are talking about. Gosei even asks them "What is a pirate?".

Orion's Gold Mode is once again called his Battlizer Mode, but unlike the other Legendary Enhancement Mode's, his might actually be a Battlizer Mode.

Notes and TriviaEdit

The unedited version is one hour and five minutes long.

This by far was the greatest and the most watched anniversary special in Power Rangers history.

Excluding the 6th Rangers from both seasons of Samurai, Megaforce, Dino Charge and Ninja Steel, all of the others have new morphing trailers.

Tom Oliver, played by Jason David Frank's real life son Patrick Frank, becomes the 2nd Mighty Morphin White Ranger so that both of his father's sixth Ranger forms could be in the special.

All of the Zords and Megazords are CGI animated, including the giant forms of the monsters.

The songs "Go Green Ranger" (for Tommy and Cam), "Go White Ranger" (for Tom Jr, Trent and Sam) and: "Go Gold Ranger" (for Trey, Daggeron, Gem, Antonio, Ivan and Adam) are all played one more time in this special; making exactly half of this team with a theme song to fight to.

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