In Marvel Universe 616.5, Zordon chooses six Superheroes to become a new team of Power Rangers, to help team MMPR.

Mighty morphin marvel heroes by ashleywharfe-d958c73

Power Rangers Avengers

The StoryEdit

When Apocalypse kidnaps the original Rangers in order to turn them into his Armageddon Rangers, Zordon and his trusty assistant Alpha Five teleport six Marvel Superheroes to the Command Center and give them new power's that they'll need to stop Apocalypse once and for all; thus, becoming Power Rangers Avengers. 

Avenger RangersEdit

  1. Red Ironman Ranger: Tony Stark
  2. Blue Fantastic Ranger: Susan Storm
  3. Yellow Weapon-X Ranger: Wolverine/Logan
  4. Black Panther Ranger: The Wakonda Prince
  5. Pink Scarlet Witch Ranger: Magnrtos daughter
  6. Navy Captain America Ranger: Steve Rodgers


Megazord formationsEdit

Power WeaponsEdit

Notes and TrivaEdit


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