Jason is the Red Mighty Morphin Power Ranger. He is the leader.


Biography (as a ranger)Edit

It is revealed that Jason was really adopted by the Dino King. After the death of his older brother, Joe, the Dragon Armor was given to him. When he wears the Dragon Armor, he is called Armed Red Ranger, and can generate his power three to five times higher than usual. He is a passionate leader with a strong sense of justice, even though there had been very humorous moments.

Jason was raised well and deeply loved, but kept ignorant of several facts pertaining to himself. Those facts nearly got him killed when the truth came out.

Faced with the truth and his brother Joe so far into the future, Jason could do nothing else but want to have his brother, and give him peace and the familial love the man had lost, so long ago. And eventually he did win through to Joe's heart, but scant comfort was to be had, for his brother was dying, rapidly.

Losing him was probably worse than leaving his dying people and for a time, Jason nearly broke under strain. But Goshi reminded him that the most important thing of all was to save the future. "If you lose sight of that in your despair, you become an agent of evil if indirectly."