Power Rangers: Carforce is a fan fic series created by Dragonboy546.




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Colors Roles Actors
Carforce Red Ethan Roberts Zac Efron
Carforce Blue Will Mitchell Nick Jonas
Carforce Green Adam Nelson Booboo Stewart
Carforce Yellow Hayley Mitchell Zoe Robbins
Carforce Pink Sarah Hanson Chrystiane Lopes
Carforce Silver TBA TBA



  • Turbo Morpher: Morpher of the Turbo Rangers, activated by inserting and turning a special key.
  • Auto Blaster: Standard Ranger sidearm.
  • Turbo Weapons: Assortment of personalized weapons used by Turbo Rangers.
  • Turbo Navigator: Handheld GPS that can be converted into a blaster.
  • Turbo Blade: Standard Ranger weapon.
  • Senturion Synergizer: Standard blaster/sword/com. device of the Blue Senturion.
  • Turbine Laser: Weapon that can move by itself and be mounted on Storm Blaster.
  • Turbo Carts: Go carts equipped with lasers for Ranger use.
  • Senturion Cycle: Personal transport of the Blue Senturion.
  • Lightning Cruiser/Storm Blaster: Pair of sentient cars used by Red and Blue Turbo Rangers.

Power Blaster/Individual weaponsEdit

  • Turbo R.A.M. (Robotic Arsenal Mobilizer): Combination of Turbo Weapons, forms a racecar and blaster.
  • Turbo Lighting Saber
  • Turbo Hand Blasters
  • Turbo Star Chargers
  • Turbo Wind Fire







Background InformationEdit

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