Power Rangers: Military Force is a fan series made by Dragonboy546.


The year is 2120. The evil Barian attack the Planet Earth and it's up to the U.S.B.F (United Sky Brigade Force). Their leader, General Wilson gives the order to take the 5 best recruits and give them the ability to become the Power Rangers: Military force.



Colors Roles Actors
Red Military Ranger John Tyson Jarvis Davidson
Blue Military Ranger Jack Hanson
Yellow Military Ranger Brooke Logan Spencer Kassondra Streval
Green Military Ranger Rick Forrester
Pink Military Ranger Phoebe Forrester Ashley Kalfas
Silver Military Ranger Mark Spencer TBA


  • General Samuel Wilson
  • Doctor Sasha Nelson
  • The Armored Rangers




Transformation DevicesEdit

Side armsEdit

Individual Weapons/Team BlasterEdit

  • Rescue Bird
    • Rescue Claw
    • Rescue Laser
    • Rescue Cutter
    • Rescue Drill
    • Rescue Injector



  1. Operation Military-Introducing (John, Jack, Brook, Rick, and Phoebe)
  2. Military Teamwork-Debuting the Military Force Megazord
  3. Trial By Fire-John Tyson's focus Episode
  4. Riding the Edge
  5. A Matter of Trust
  6. Wheels of Destruction-Debuting the Military Force motorcycles
  7. Cyber Rangers
  8. Go Volcanic
  9. Rising From the Ashes-Debuts the Drillzord
  10. From Deep In the Shadows-Debuting the Sliver Military Force Ranger
  11. Truth Discovered
  12. Mark's Destiny
  13. Curse of the Cobra
  14. Strength of Six-Debuting the Military Solar Zord
  15. The Cobra Strikes-Debuting the Super Military Force Megazord/the defeat of General Sludge.



Background InformationEdit

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